Fundamental Science

We help scientists and researchers defend hypotheses and publish work. We provide enabling motion control technologies that make positioning on the nano-scale easy.

Why Should You Work With Aerotech?

  1. We make precision positioning simple. Our knowledgable engineering team and support teams will help you choose the right equipment. We work with you before and after you receive our products to make sure your project is successful.
  2. We pre-configure equipment for your needs. Let our experts test and configure your products before you receive them. This eases your learning curve.
  3. Truly easy-to-use software. You do not need to be an expert programmer. Our software and data collection tools are intuitive and can be utilized through familiar interfaces like MATLAB and LabVIEW.
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Applications and Solutions
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Additive Manufacturing Laser Processing Microscopy, Test, and Inspection

Basic and Applied Science Areas
• Physics • Materials Science
• Chemistry • Photonics
• Biology • Space Science & Astronomy
• Life Sciences • Engineering Research

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