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Superior motion for high-performance applications.

Aerotech stages deliver the most precise, accurate, and reliable motion for the most demanding applications.

The highest-performing stages – and building blocks for complex motion.

Aerotech’s linear, rotary, lift and Z-axis stages use our industry-leading motors to deliver smooth, reliable, high-quality motion. Plus they’re engineered with the highest performing bearing and feedback devices and can be integrated to create multi-axis stage assemblies.


Our stages fit a range of high-precision applications from laser microprocessing and metrology to the finest optical alignment and assemblyand anything in between.

Featured Solution

Quick ship options now available through our partner Motion Plus.

We've partnered with Motion Plus, an online marketplace for precision motion equipment, to make many of our most popular products available for immediate delivery.

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Broad Travel Ranges

Variety of Options

With countless options for our wide range of standard products, we have what you need.


Designed for Durability

Aerotech stages stand up to decades of use without sacrificing performance.



We routinely customize designs for exacting applications.

Delivering Precise Motion

As the highest performing stages on the market, our
linear and rotary stages deliver reliable, cutting-edge
motion that amplifies your manufacturing process. With
minimal error motions, ultra- precise positioning
accuracy and high-dynamic performance, we’re well
equipped to push your production to the next level.


Versatile Configuration Options

Our wide range of stages means you’ll find the features and
capabilities you need – without compromising. Whether you’re
looking for speed, payload capacity, travel range, frame size,
cable management, encoder options – or any combination of
these and more – you can find an Aerotech stage to meet your

Selected Products

Turn your precision and automation challenges into process success

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