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Applied Technologies

Minimize your risk with the world’s most capable motion experts.

For your toughest motion challenges, we deploy our best and brightest to help prove and implement your solution.

Virtual Machine Integration & Proof of Concept

Our Applied Technologies Group (ATG) uses specialized robotic simulation software to build a virtual twin of your proposed motion engine. This twin enables us to virtually test custom kinematic transformations, develop custom tool positions and motion paths, and identify and program safety zones around potential crash conditions for expensive payloads.


Lab Development & Physical Proof of Concept

At our well-outfitted applications lab, we test motion programs and custom software with real hardware to expose potential issues before a machine is commissioned. We can all but eliminate the possibility of a machine not passing final acceptance through this proof-of-concept-testing, drastically lowering your financial risk.

Motion Programming Support

Solving complex motion challenges is our core business. Our ATG experts can program the most complicated motion paths across unique and abnormal surfaces through custom coding and software development. The more daunting the challenge, the more excited our team gets.

Motion Control Support

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