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Metrology, Inspection & Microscopy

Accurate motion for ultra-precise measurement results.

We help reduce machine error, increase measurement repeatability and reduce overall measurement uncertainty.


We develop precision electro-mechanical systems that minimize error budgets and maximize measurement performance. Turnkey, integrated system options are available.



We provide sample stages, optical focusing axes and all ancillary motion required to automate the most advanced, nanoscale microscopy processes.

Surface & Form Measurement

Inspect manufactured parts, electronics and optics with more measurement fidelity and resolution. Complex, coordinated moves are easily handled by our automation controllers, allowing you to inspect complicated features and coordinate moving axes while maintaining normalcy to the surface of the part.


Non-Destructive Inspection

We have extensive experience with x-ray, CT, ultrasonic, acoustic, magnetic and radio frequency processes. For sensitive applications, our linear amplifier technology reduces electromagnetic interference and radiated noise. Regardless of the level of precision your application requires, we have a motion platform to fit your part inspection application.

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