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High-performance gantries for inspection and manufacturing.

When your application demands high accuracy, repeatability, throughput and precision, Aerotech gantries deliver.

Our gantries are trusted worldwide in applications that require high throughput and precision.

Every Aerotech gantry system relies on our industry-leading brushless linear servo motors and delivers the highest performance for applications like precision assembly, micromachining, inspection, flat panel processing and more.


Because we design our systems to use one controller for all motion, you’ll easily synchronize all axes of motion and implement your process faster – and with the highest possible degree of accuracy.

Featured Product

The AGS15000 series is optimized for precise contouring and high accuracy.

Our AGS15000 Cartesian gantry systems are designed for ultra-precise, high-dynamic contouring. Industry leaders worldwide use them for precision micromachining, stencil cutting, fuel cell manufacturing, printed electronics and more.


Maximum Precision

Built with micron-level positioning accuracy and repeatability for 24/7 production operations.

High Dynamics

High Dynamics

Designed with high speed, high acceleration and process throughput in mind.

One Controller

Controller Features

Standard and optional controller features designed specifically for gantries.

Industry-leading Performance

Our gantries are built to handle high speeds and large payloads without compromising on accuracy, repeatability or throughput. Powerful Aerotech motors enable the highest speed and acceleration available, while encoder feedback and control features like Gantry Mode and the Enhanced Throughput Module maintain precision.


Customized Solutions

From accommodating a wide range of travel sizes – ensuring safe motion that doesn’t compromise on speed, accuracy or throughput – to cable management, machine bases, isolation systems and more, our in-house team is ready to create a gantry solution that meets your precise needs.

Selected Products

Turn your precision and automation challenges into process success

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