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Position your laser spot with unprecedented speed, precision and stability.

Choose Aerotech’s galvo scanner solutions for high-precision laser processing, and improve your throughput and quality.

The precise tools you need for precision laser processing.

Aerotech supplies high-performance 2D, 3D and 5D laser scan heads to meet a diverse range of precision manufacturing challenges. Choose from standard options or leverage our expertise in designing laser manufacturing systems.


Leaders in medical device, electronics and additive manufacturing trust Aerotech galvo scanner solutions and systems to consistently deliver the highest precision results in their manufacturing processes.

Featured Product

Aerotech’s AGV-HP(O) laser scan head delivers highest accuracy plus thermal stability.

AGV-HP(O) offers the highest level of accuracy of any laser scanner, so you’ll produce consistent parts with smaller, more precise features. Highly repeatable and thermally stable feedback sensors allow the scanner to be calibrated down to single-digit, micron-level accuracy.


Maximum Precision

Our scanners increase accuracy and process stability, so you produce the same precise part every time.

One Controller

One Controller

One controller for all motion means faster process implementation and a cohesive user experience.

High Throughput

High Throughput

Improve your throughput without compromising accuracy or yield.

Results You Can Count On

Aerotech’s laser scan heads combine the most precise spot
positioning with outstanding feedback resolution and dynamic
performance, so you can rapidly produce intricate parts and
features with ease. Excellent dynamic and thermal stability
ensures your laser drilling/laser micromachining process is
consistent without compromising speed or accuracy.

Maximum Precision-minb
Industry-Leading Controls-min

Industry-Leading Controls

Our easy-to-use controllers include features that synchronize
laser scan heads with other motion axes – simplifying the most
challenging laser microprocessing applications. Plus, with one
controller platform for all axes of motion, you’ll implement your
process faster and with the greatest accuracy possible.

Selected Products

Turn your precision and automation challenges into process success

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