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Medical & Life Sciences

Achieve a new level of capability and quality.

Tap into our 50+ years of assisting the medical and life sciences industry to get your novel products to market.


Our automation equipment is built to last, keeping your production lines running 24/7. It’s also reliably precise to the tightest tolerances. You’ll be confident that each device you make will perform to the medical industry’s most stringent quality and performance standards.



Our expertise in precision automation including laser welding and micromachining, frees your experts to focus on creating the next generation of medical devices without manufacturing limitations. Decades of working with the world’s largest medical OEMs have deepened our capabilities in enabling the design and production of unique, high-quality products.

Increased Throughput

In medical device manufacturing you need to maximize productivity and yield without sacrificing accuracy. Our broad range of medical motion control products, combined with automation solutions that are purpose-built for your application, increase throughput and maximize quality.

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We’ll always measure up to your expectations.



Enabling medical device manufacturing excellence


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Produced per day using Aerotech equipment

CDRH compliance

To meet your machine safety and registration requirements

Medical & Life Sciences Applications Expertise

Interventional Cardiovascular Devices

In Vitro Diagnostics & Molecular Biology

Intraocular Lenses & Ophthalmics

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