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Fiber Optics & Silicon Photonics

Accelerate your lab to fab photonics journey.

Get to market faster and without compromise using our photonic automation solutions and always count on precision, throughput and reliability.

Get to Market Faster, With Less Risk

Whether you’re manufacturing, inspecting, aligning or bonding, our best-in-class photonic solutions and engineering services will improve your speed to market and lower your development costs. With our unmatched precision motion expertise and custom-engineered motion systems, you’ll have less implementation risk and more peace of mind knowing no matter where your facilities are in the world, our experts are close by to provide timely service and support.


Photonic Automation Expertise

Located around the world, our electromechanical systems and motion control experts support your team from design and delivery to daily production and optical inspection. Whether you’re working with our wafer process solutions for probing and inspection and micro-transfer printing or our photonic assembly solutions for alignment and bonding, optical assembly, Bragg grating and waveguide writing, you’ll get the help you need for industrial automation when and where you need it.

Globally Tested & Trusted Alignment Systems

When you partner with us, motion won’t ever be a limiting factor in your operations. Our photonics systems, including the FiberMaxHP and hexapod systems, give you the advantage of high-precision lab performance and production-level speed. Plus, our precision motion control and advanced mechatronics provide micro-and nano-level accuracy to meet the tightest tolerances found in today’s optics and photonics industry. 


For Photonic Integrated Circuits (PiC), Silicon Integrated Photonics (SiPh) and micro-optics, we're the performance leader in the automation of test, inspection, alignment, assembly and packaging applications.

Featured Products

FiberAlign FA95e and FA130e

FiberAlign FA95e and FA130e Series Direct-Drive, Multi-Axis Photonics Alignment System

The enhanced FiberAlign® FAe series is a high-performance photonics aligning system incorporating state-of-the-art drive and axis control technology. The FAe series delivers superb accuracy and minimum step sizes. Its modular design permits the selection of the number of axes, travel distance and load capacity to exactly fit your application, all while maintaining high speed, resolution and accuracy.

FiberMaxHP Multi-Axis Photonics Alignment System

FiberMaxHP Multi-Axis Photonics Alignment System

Our FiberMaxHP alignment systems provide 3- to 6-degree-of-freedom nanometer alignment. With our advanced Automation1 control platform, you’ll easily accomplish test and assembly applications.  

  • Industry-leading minimum incremental motion in all six axes of motion
  • Fully automated routines to handle complex single- and dual- fiber alignment
  • High-resolution analog input for optical power measurement is directly integrated with the alignment process
  • Virtual pivot point control techniques make motion at the probe tip easy to control and program
  • Easily coordinate motion across your complete system of wafer, electrical probe, microscope and assembly tooling positioners

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