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Push the boundaries of wafer and chip manufacturing.

Our motion control technologies help create today’s – and enable tomorrow’s – most advanced semiconductor manufacturing tools.

Increased Throughput

Aerotech provides production-ready semiconductor lithography, inspection, metrology and micro-transfer printing automation subsystems, and we're trusted by leading innovation OEMs globally for our semiconductor automation solutions.

You need to maximize productivity and yield without sacrificing accuracy. We combine mechanics, controls and electronics in optimized designs to give you the highest throughput possible for your manufacturing or inspection application. We’re changing the semiconductor industry by extending the functionalities and applications of semiconductor automation equipment. Accelerate your semiconductor manufacturing and inspection.




As electronics shrink to meet consumer demand, your need for precision in wafer manufacturing and inspection grows. Small electronics need precise and efficient semiconductor devices. Our precision motion control and advanced mechatronics provide accuracy to the micro and nano levels, meeting the tightest tolerances on the latest generation of electronic devices.


We keep your processes moving. Our highly advanced motion control technologies are built on a foundation of old-world quality and craftsmanship, so they run day after day and year after year. That’s why top semiconductor manufacturers around the world rely on us.

We’ve spent decades working with companies in the semiconductor industry, allowing us to help you manufacture wafers and chips in the most efficient way possible.

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Worldwide Support and Service

We believe in long-term relationships. Located around the world, our precision motion experts support your team from design to delivery to daily production. You’ll get the help you need – when and where you need it.

Aerotech has experience working with companies in the semiconductors industry. Our extensive semiconductor research allows us to help you manufacture wafers and chips with the best semiconductor materials in the most efficient processes possible.

We’ll always measure up to your expectations.



Enabling high-accuracy chip manufacturing and inspection


Semi-technology node supported by Aerotech equipment



Vacuum experience for cutting-edge semiconductor processes

Semiconductors Applications Expertise

Wafer Inspection & Metrology

Direct-Write Maskless Lithography

Integrated Circuit & Wafer Packaging

Wafer Dicing

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