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Put your next generation of manufacturing in motion.

Whatever the industry, our motion control technologies can advance your manufacturing capabilities.

Broad, Leverageable Experience

With more than a half-century of experience across many industries, we’ve been there, done that when it comes to precision motion. We’ll tap into this deep experience to create the most accurate, efficient and reliable motion technology for your unique needs. We continually improve our ability to deliver high-quality nanometer manufacturing results to our customers for precise machinery.

[precision] Broad Leverageable Experience
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Increased Throughput

You need to maximize productivity and yield without sacrificing accuracy. We combine mechanics, controls and electronics in optimized designs to give you the highest throughput possible while maintaining quality output.

Our company specializes in high stability control and sub-nanometer positioning for ultra-precise results. Gain optimal throughput while reducing cost and cycle times, no matter what your application requires.


Our precision motion controller and advanced mechatronics can provide accuracy to the micro and nano levels, achieving the tightest tolerances. With Aerotech as your partner, motion will never be a limiting factor on your precision manufacturing lines.

[precision] Precision
precision-Worldwide Support

Worldwide Support and Service

We believe in long-term relationships. Located around the world, our precision motion experts support your team from design to delivery to daily production. You’ll get the help you need – when and where you need it.

We’ll always measure up to your expectations.



Serving precision manufacturing applications

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Of manufacturing space

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Delivered to demanding industrial applications

Precision Manufacturing Applications Expertise

Precision Assembly

Additive Manufacturing

Automotive Manufacturing

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