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Intraocular Lenses & Ophthalmics

Enabling automated ophthalmic manufacturing with advanced machine solutions.

We helped shift lens manufacturing from manual to automated processes, and now we enable the manufacture of next-generation lenses.

Achieve Polish-Free Production

Our air-bearing systems produce less than 3 nm rms areal roughness on machined lenses. Using our advanced controls and machine-building capabilities, we can help you produce a polish-free lens manufacturing solution for your next project.


Solutions for Machining & Inspection

We offer the most versatile and capable motion components in the industry, which allow coordination of spindles, fast-tool servos, lasers, measurement tools and more in your next manufacturing cell.

Custom Machines

With 40+ years of intraocular lens (IOL) manufacturing experience, we create purpose-built machines to produce the most demanding new lens designs. We combine inspection and manufacturing solutions into one machine, minimizing factory floor footprint.


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