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Laser Processing

Achieve cutting-edge accuracy at lightspeed.

With our precision motion solutions, you don’t have to sacrifice quality for throughput when laser processing medical devices.

Increased Throughput

Whether welding, cutting or surface texturing, you need to maintain quality output at high processing speeds. We combine mechanics, controls and electronics in optimized designs to give you the highest throughput possible for your laser processing systems.


Tighter Control

We give you tighter control over your process by ensuring your laser and motion systems are working in concert. This precision coordination allows you to process the most sensitive and difficult materials without fear of scrapping parts.

Reduced Risk

Using our well-equipped application lab, we can perform proof-of-concept motion testing before a machine is commissioned. Further reducing your implementation risk is our unmatched expertise in precision motion control and laser processing, as well as our worldwide service and support.


We’ll always measure up to your expectations.



Serving laser end-users, OEMs and integrators



Processing accuracy in laser micro-machining


Experience implementing the most advanced ultra-short-pulse lasers

Laser Processing Applications Expertise

Via Drilling

Display Processing

Additive Manufacturing

Interventional Cardiovascular Devices

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