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Gimbals & Optical Mounts

Delivering top precision, stability and dynamic performance.

Aerotech gimbals and optical mounts are trusted in advanced applications that have virtually no margin for error.

Precision and stability you can count on when working with large payloads, high dynamics – or both.

Aerotech gimbals have excellent feedback resolution, ensuring the velocity stability, in-position stability and small-step performance you need to direct optics, lasers, antennas, sensors and more to very precise pointing angles.


Engineered to handle very large payloads with speed and precision, Aerotech gimbals and optical mounts are available in the widest range of standard options and often custom designed by our experts.

Featured Product

Aerotech’s AMG gimbals provide high performance and the best long-term value.

AMG gimbals deliver ultra-precise angular position, rate and acceleration for development and production testing. Typical applications include electro-optical device testing, missile seeker testing and calibration, airborne target tracking and more.


Designed for Durability

Aerotech gimbals and optical mounts stand up to decades of use without sacrificing performance.


Advanced Controller Features

Optional software packages include easy-to-use tools like Harmonic Cancellation, which optimizes periodic trajectories and improves tracking performance.


Proven Technology

Constructed using Aerotech’s industry-leading rotary stages and trusted by leaders in aerospace and defense, research and more.

Achieve Superior Positioning Performance

With excellent pointing accuracy, rate stability, and acceleration, Aerotech’s gimbals and optical mounts deliver the results you need – precisely and consistently. Plus they offer the greatest speed and acceleration for developing, testing and producing a wide range of systems and devices.


Leverage Our Expertise

Work closely with our engineering and applications experts to customize a gimbal or optical mount for your specific project or payload. Mitigate risk, accelerate your implementation time, and know you’re getting the most effective and durable gimbal to meet your exact needs.

Turn your precision and automation challenges into process success

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