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Via Drilling

Meeting your high precision and aggressive throughput requirements.

For precision laser drilling with or without a galvo scanner, we have produced countless motion solutions optimized for printed circuit board (PCB) drilling applications.


High-Performance Scanning Solutions

Our AGV laser scan heads achieve micron-level work-point accuracy at blistering processing speeds. Thermally optimized mechanics ensure 24/7 production operation and consistently achieve via hole tolerances.


Infinite Field of View (IFOV)

IFOV is an advanced control capability that simplifies even the most challenging laser microprocessing applications. It enables our galvo scanners to seamlessly process an area limited only by the travel ranges of the system’s stages.

Advanced Controller Capabilities

Make your via drilling system more competitive by incorporating the most user-friendly, advanced motion controller available. We offer many control features specifically designed to maximize dynamic throughput in applications like via drilling.


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