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Additive Manufacturing

Moving the next generation of additive manufacturing tools.

From extrusion to dispensing to laser sintering, we have the experience and expertise to ensure your next-generation additive machine pioneers a new level of precision.

Supporting the Next Level of FDM

We have the highest throughput-to-precision ratios of any motion supplier in the world. We offer integrated control tools for coordinating material extrusion with motion.

Supporting the Next Level of EDM
Reaching True Precision With Laser Sintering

Reaching True Precision with Laser Sintering

We offer the most accurate and capable laser scanning systems on the market. For sensitive material processing, we increase controllability with software features that modulate laser pulse frequency, power and energy.

Enabling Flexible Electronics & Bioprinting

Our controller offers integrated kinematic transformations for printing on complex geometries. We have micro-dispensing experience applying our integrated control tools to coordinate volume flow rates with motion.


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