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Wafer Dicing

Delivering high throughput and precision with smaller street widths.

As the motion requirements for wafer dicing – particularly LED wafer scribing – become more rigorous, we continue to innovate and develop new solutions for the process’s greatest challenges.

A Variety of Positioning Options

Whether you are stealth dicing with two-sided processing or single-sided laser or mechanical dicing, we have a variety of purpose-built solutions for your application. Our PlanarDLA and PlanarDL are standard solutions ready for high-precision wafer dicing applications.


Position-Synchronized Output (PSO)

Our PSO feature can trigger cameras, data acquisition hardware, lasers or any other process-related equipment based directly on the motion system’s calibrated encoder feedback. By minimizing fluctuations between pulses during complex motion, PSO enables consistent processing quality and prevents die damage.

Cross-Axis Calibration

Our cross-axis calibration capabilities push the limits of dynamic straightness performance, allowing the perpendicular motion stage to make minor adjustments during either axis’s motion to counteract straightness errors – enabling you to dice wafers faster without compromising processing quality.


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