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Optics Manufacturing

Improve precision in your optics machining, grinding and polishing processes.

We have the tools and experience to help you succeed in your most challenging planar, spherical, aspherical and freeform optics manufacturing applications.

Achieve Nanometers with Precision Motion

Modern freeform optic applications demand nanoscale form tolerances to be achieved through sub-aperture machining. This requires precise motion coordination across several machining axes, and no one does precision motion coordination better than we do.

Our precision optics automation solutions include inspection, assembly and machining. Our capabilities extend from micro-to-nano optical in the semiconductor and electronics markets to large-scale optics in the sciences, aerospace and defense.


Machine Stiffness & Structural Integrity

With high dynamic stiffness, our systems enable nanoscale form and finish for automating optical manufacturing processes. We offer a wide range of mechanical- and air-bearing stages with the rigidity you need to meet your customers’ optical specifications.

In optical testing and assembly processes, we can provide high precision positioning while in motion and ultra high stability while holding position. This ensures that your process and production results are repeatable to the highest standards. 

Maintain Precision in Extreme Environments

At Aerotech, we prioritize precision in optical components. We can help you consider every element of the lens design for precise and high-quality spherical and aspherical lenses, defense optics and more.

If your precision process occurs in an extreme environment, we have a solution for you. We offer sealed linear and rotary stages for diamond turning, grinding and polishing applications. We also routinely design and build custom multi-axis systems for ion-beam figuring in a vacuum.


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