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Achieve accuracy and throughput that are light years ahead of your competition.

Whether you’re manufacturing, inspecting, aligning or bonding, we'll help you succeed in the most advanced precision motion applications.


Our precision motion control and advanced mechatronics provide micro-and nano-level accuracy to meet the tightest tolerances found in today’s optics and photonics industry. With Aerotech as your partner, motion will never be a limiting factor in your operations. We can help implement your industrial automation tasks with the highest precision.


For Photonic Integrated Circuits (PiC), Silicon Integrated Photonics (SiPh) and micro-optics, we're the performance leader in the automation of test, inspection, alignment, assembly and packaging applications.


Increased Throughput

You need to maximize productivity and yield without sacrificing accuracy. We combine mechanics, controls and electronics in optimized designs to give you the highest throughput possible for your specific application. An optimized motion control system allows you to test, inspect, align and assemble optics and photonics devices faster.

Reduced Implementation Risk

Our unmatched depth and breadth of experience in precision motion and our highly integrated and customized industrial automation solutions mean less implementation risk for you. And no matter where your facilities are located in the world, our experts are close by to provide timely service and support.

Reduced Implementation Risk

We’ll always measure up to your expectations.



Serving the optical testing and manufacturing industry



Minimum incremental motion capabilities for assembling and qualifying optical devices


Aerotech solutions enabling the next-generation of optical communications

Optics & Photonics Applications Expertise

Fiber Optics & Silicon Photonics

Optics Manufacturing

Optics Inspection

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