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Automation Version 2.7 Training

Welcome to the Automation1 2.7 Training. The 2.7 release includes: Beta Features – 3D plotting – Custom modules in MachineApps – Cutter offset compensation – Task variables – INI file support New Features – Modbus TCP/IP for drive-based controllers – Program variables watch window – String variables in watch window Improvements to: – The Studio Application – AeroScript programming language – Online Help – Controller – APIs – MachineApps – Drive Hardware and Firmware

Migrating the A3200 Configuration / Completing the Machine Setup Configuration

Aerotech is a company that solves your toughest precision motion and automation challenges. Automation1 is a motion control platform consisting of: – software-based controls and development tools – PC and drive-based control hardware, AND – hardware-based drives for servo motors and other devices. In this video, you will discover… How to migrate the parameter file of your A3200 system to the newer Automation1 format.
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