AGS5000 Laser Sintering Gantry


Design Features

  • Position synchronized laser firing
  • CNC multi-axis control
  • 2 to 32-axis contouring
  • Multi-dimensional error correction
  • Special sealed connectors to keep metal particles out
  • Air purged
  • Passive air isolation
  • ALS5000XY/ATS2000LT/ASRT-245
  • 450 mm X
  • 1300 mm Y
  • 300 mm Z
  • ASRT-245 cross axis
This high accuracy, direct drive, XY gantry is for additive manufacturing, laser processing, or optical inspection. Enclosed stages with air purge and special connectors resist particulate intrusion. High accuracy ball-screw Z-axis includes a linear encoder for excellent accuracy and repeatability. The system includes a sealed rotary axis in granite sidewalls for tilting/rotating parts below the gantry. Air-isolated granite minimizes floor vibrations from disturbing system performance.


Ordering Information

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