2013 Golden Mousetrap Award Finalist: PlanarDL

The Design News Golden Mousetrap Awards recognize innovation in the development of new products in automation, electronics, materials and design tools.

With an optimized structure, components with exacting precision, Aerotech’s own direct-drive motor technology and an integrated cable management system, the PlanarDL was a finalist for the Golden Mousetrap Awards: Automation & Control (category: Motors and Mechanical Motion Devices).

The PlanarDL XY design allows for unparalleled planar geometric performance in applications where straightness and flatness of motion are critical. High-precision anti-creep crossed-roller bearings, precision-machined surfaces and Aerotech linear motors driving through the axes’ center-of-stiffness result in a positioning stage with exceptional geometric tolerances.

The PlanarDL structural elements are optimized for high-dynamics and high-stiffness for the most demanding dynamic applications. Capable of achieving 1 m/s velocities and 1.5 g accelerations, the PlanarDL enables high-throughput, high-accuracy processing resulting in superior process yield and a low total cost of ownership. Unlike competitive products using recirculating bearings, the anti-creep crossed-roller bearings used in this design permit smooth motion making this an ideal stage solution for challenging scanning applications.