Trigger Position Synchronized Output Based on Velocity with Part-Speed PSO

Use PSO with serial and parallel kinematics

Use PSO with nonlinear opto-mechanics

Does not require position feedback to manage pulse-to-pulse spacing

Part-Speed PSO is a new mode of Position Synchronized Output (PSO) that does not require position feedback to manage pulse-to-pulse spacing. PSO firing events are generated based upon the vector velocity command, which is calculated by the A3200 software-based motion controller. This enables the user to access PSO capability in situations where encoder feedback is either nonlinear or not accessible.

Part-Speed PSO calculates distance traveled between firing events by tracking the part-space vector velocity command. This value is used as the input into PSO logic that operates on the drive hardware. This command-space triggering has high fidelity with respect to achieved part-space distance traveled due to the ability of Aerotech’s mechatronic solutions to execute motion commands with minimal error.

Aerotech and Kinematics
Aerotech users leverage the power and flexibility of the A3200 software-based machine controller to control kinematic mechatronic (robotic) arrangements. Multiple programming tasks are used to achieve this result. On one task, users program their part-space motion trajectory to “virtual” axes. On another task, a program looks at the desired part-space position and applies inverse kinematic equations to calculate the motor-space position of a kinematic mechatronic system. A good example of this behavior is hexapod control where a user programs in X, Y, and Z coordinates and inverse kinematic equations are used to command motion to six struts in order to achieve the desired relative motion between the part and the process tool.

Kinematics and Process Control
A challenge for system builders is triggering their process based on the actual relative motion between the process tool and the workpiece. This problem is made worse when the position encoders, which provide direct feedback on the change in position of the motion system, are nonlinear with respect to the relative motion between the tool and the workpiece. Part-Speed PSO overcomes this restraint by leveraging Aerotech’s precision mechanical solutions in addition to Aerotech’s ability to achieve and coordinate velocity across multiple axes.