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Capability Overview

Dynamic Gain Scheduling

Design Features

  • Faster move-and-settle
  • Increased in-position stability
  • Reject disturbances from machine-base
  • Increase machine throughput
  • Increase machine throughput
Figure 1. Demonstration of significant improvements in error and position settling using Gain Scheduling features.

Dynamic Gain Scheduling is available for the Ensemble Stand-Alone Multi-Axis Motion Controller and the Soloist Stand-Alone Single Axis Motion Controller.

Schedule Gains Dynamically Based on Threshold Values

Aerotech’s Threshold Gain Scheduling tool applies an algorithm that improves positioning performance and reduces cycle times by adjusting the servo-loop gains based on specific user-defined thresholds. If you go above or below certain threshold-values, the gains will adjust. Up to three levels of gains can be defined.

Threshold Gain Scheduling allows you to smoothly adjust gains based upon current or velocity. Simply pick multipliers for individual servo loop gains in the Dynamic Controls Toolbox GUI and enable these multipliers.

Figure 2. Dynamic Controls Toolbox GUI window.
Figure 3. Dynamic Controls Toolbox GUI showing selection of current feedback threshold based gain scheduling.


  • Imaging
  • Flat Panel Inspection
  • Packaging
  • Medical
  • Any high accuracy machine where stiction/friction increases settling time