Aerospace Component Manufacturing

Aerospace Component Aerotech can help you improve the precision, capability, and robustness of your manufacturing process.

Why Work With Aerotech?

We have decades of experience with manufacturing processes ranging from laser applications to component assembly. Our engineering teams help you navigate our offering and will make sure that you can manufacture your parts and devices better than your competition.

We Are Your Single Source Motion Control Supplier

Aerotech’s expertise in component level or complete system solutions gives you a more reliable product and a single point of contact for all questions.

Laser Processing Laser Processing

Aerotech’s controller platform was developed with laser processing applications as its foundation. The most flexible, interconnected, and intelligent laser+motion controller will increase your part quality and throughput capacity. Utilize features such as Aerotech’s Position Synchronized Output to tie laser firing to true part position.

Dispense Automation Dispense Automation

Position or vector velocity based dispense head control maintains consistent flow of material. Multi-axis CNC control enables dispensing to occur normal to curved surfaces. Customized motion platforms provide an ideal starting point for precision dispensing processes.

Precision Assembly Precision Assembly

Fast and accurate motion control for pick and place, alignment, and inspection processes. Choose from our standard product catalog or utilize our systems engineering design team to build a motion system tailored to your specifications.

Applications and Solutions

Don’t see what you need here? Give us a call. Our experts will assist you.

Additive Manufacturing Vacuum Positioning Coordinated Motion Control


Don’t see what you need here? Give us a call. Our experts will assist you.

Advanced Motion Systems Precision Manufacturing IFOV