Electro-Optics and Components Testing and Long-Range Tracking

Electro Optics Aerotech can help improve the fidelity of your motion simulation equipment, pointing and steering systems, and long distance tracking equipment.

Lab Equipment   Production Equipment   Field Equipment
  • Research and develop new hardware on systems without accuracy and speed limitations
  • Utilize our engineering expertise to solve your challenging motion control problems.
  • Test and characterize your device to a high degree of accuracy before field deployment
  • Offload portions of the machine design & build to our experienced systems engineering team
  • Take your proven lab processes into the field with our IP66 rated equipment
  • Send your work to space with our UHV compatible positioning systems

Why Work With Aerotech?

We have decades of experience in the national defense and commercial aerospace sectors. Our consultative pre-sales engineering approach, systems design team, and advanced production facilities are ideal resources for you to partner with.

We Are Your Single Source Motion Control Supplier

Aerotech’s expertise in component level or complete system solutions gives you a more reliable product and a single point of contact for all questions.

Test Systems Test Systems

High-resolution linear and rotary simulator axes for testing of electro-optics, electronics, manufactured goods, and materials. Achieve accurate positioning and high dynamics by utilizing our precision hardware and one of our motion controllers.

Gimbals And Optical Mounts Gimbals and Optical Mounts

Standard and customized rotational systems for pointing, tracking, and steering applications. Integrated cable management, slip rings, cell or optical payload brackets, and counterbalancing systems engineered to your requirements.

Long Distance Tracking Long Distance Tracking

Direct-drive stages and advanced linear servo control amplifiers that are ideal for high resolution tracking applications.

Controllers Control Hardware

Standalone ethernet or fiber-optic based drive hardware. PWM amplifiers for high-power applications and Linear amplifiers for electrically sensitive processes.

Control Software Control Software

Standalone or PC based controllers with integrated development environments. Various programming language options and full-featured libraries allow you to integrate motion control into your process faster.

Applications and Solutions

Don’t see what you need here? Give us a call. Our experts will assist you.

Rate Tables Coordinated Motion Control Vacuum Positioning


Don’t see what you need here? Give us a call. Our experts will assist you.

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