Data Storage

Key Industry Expertise

  • Head Gimbal Assembly
  • Head Stack Assembly
  • Suspension Arm Manufacturing
  • ESD Protection
  • Clean Room Compatibility
  • Precision Assembly and Testing
  • Laser Cutting Media Substrates

Products Tailored to Your Needs

As areal densities and data rates increase, Aerotech has responded by offering motion control solutions with sub-arc-second rotary and nanometer-level linear precision while maintaining the 24/7 operational reliability vital to success in today's data storage industry. Data storage industry-specific features like ESD protection and clean-room capabilities are standard on many of our products.

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ESD Protection

Highest Precision Linear and Rotary Motion for R&D

Aerotech manufactures rotary air-bearings with nanometer asynchronous error motions to allow precise reading/writing of data tracks, while direct-drive linear stages are available to simulate high bandwidth HSA motions. Our high stiffness, direct-drive vertical lift stages allow for variable head fly heights.

Component Manufacturing - It's Your Call

Aerotech offers a variety of custom finishes for ultra-clean and ESD compliance to ensure the integrity of your process. Are you having problems with amplifier noise affecting your process? Try one of our low noise, ultra-high-performance linear drives that provide high bandwidth and superb linearity required for the ultimate in velocity regulation as well as positional stability. Need a complete machine control solution? Try our Automation 3200 32-axis motion, vision, PLC, robotics and I/O digital automation platform for complete machine or work-cell control.

21st Century Technology from One Source

Aerotech direct-drive motors eliminate wear, reduce downtime and increase MTBF. Our highly-configurable gantries and component solutions provide flexibility for machine designers and quick changeovers for manufacturers. Highly-conductive ultra-clean surfaces reduce damage to heads from ESD. Extremely accurate and repeatable stages guarantee accurate part placement for precise alignment of HSA. Our ANT series super-precision, direct-drive linear and rotary nanopositioners provide the performance and reliability required for 24/7/365 manufacturing while minimizing space requirements. Their precision force control makes the ANT series an excellent choice for gram testing.