Data Storage

Key Industry Expertise

  • Head Gimbal Assembly
  • Head Stack Assembly
  • Suspension Arm Manufacturing
  • ESD Protection
  • Clean Room Compatibility
  • Precision Assembly and Testing
  • Laser Cutting Media Substrates
Maximize Throughput   Customization to Meet Your Specific Process Needs   World-Class Support
  • Application specific products
  • Optimized designs for maximum output and part quality
  • Industry-leading dynamic control tools
  • Custom designed subsystems and systems for your process needs
  • Unique products and capabilities combine for unmatched performance
  • Experienced application engineers will get the most out of your equipment
  • Knowledgeable system design teams
  • Application programming support
  • Global technical support and service


Increased Densities Increased densities mean increased precision

As areal densities continue to increase and HDD technology becomes more complex, the accuracy requirements for manufacturing equipment become critical. Aerotech offers a variety of solutions with nano-scale motion precision, all while remaining industrially reliable for 24/7 production operations.

Produts Tailored To HDD Manufacturing Products tailored to HDD manufacturing

Hard-disk drive manufacturing comes with many challenges, not the least of which is the need to protect products from electrostatic discharges and contamination. Many of Aerotech’s standard products come with electrostatic discharge (ESD) protection, and have standard options for clean room compatibility.

Custom Motion Subsystems Custom motion subsystems, optimized for your process

Let Aerotech’s expert system design teams develop an optimized motion subsystem specifically for your process needs.

Applications and Solutions

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Precision Assembly ESD Protection Custom Engineered Solutions