Display Processing

Display -Manufacturing -Rectangular Creating new displays is hard. Rely on the team with experience to help you succeed.

Aerotech has helped clients overcome many of the challenges the come with manufacturing the world’s greatest display technologies.

Overcome Laser Process Control Challenges   Challenge Your Laser’s Throughput Capabilities   Receive Expert-Level Support
  • Position Synchronized Output (PSO) increases controllability of sensitive material processing contraints
  • Laser power and energy modulation techniques maximize part yield
  • Leading dynamic controls maintain µm accuracy at multiple meters per second process speeds
  • Infinite Field of View (IFOV) enables complex part processing at the highest throughputs
  • Unrivaled application programming support
  • Experienced application engineers will get the most out of your equipment
  • Global technical support and service with local engineers

Galvo Scanner And Opto Mechanical Galvo Scanner and Opto-Mechanical Device Experts

Aerotech’s lineup of galvo scanner and opto-mechanical technologies are second to none. Our galvo scanners help display makers maintain accuracy and high yield at higher throughputs than any other provider. Our ability to make custom opto-mechanical devices and control them in coordination with the motion subsystem provides manufacturers the process control necessary to succeed while processing sensitive display materials.

Standard Components Standard Components to Custom System Builds

From the most reliable, high-performance components to fully customized solutions, Aerotech provides the right amount of leverageable skills for any display maker. Need components, let our application engineers help you pick our products that have been successful in similar applications. Need more? Let Aerotech’s expert system design teams develop an optimized motion subsystem specifically for your process needs.

Applications and Solutions

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