Precision Assembly

Your Team is Assembled

Aerotech has designed and manufactured assembly motion solutions for many of the largest manufacturers in the world. These systems are perfectly engineered to provide superior performance in applications as varied as pick-and-place, automated assembly, vision inspection, dispensing stations and packaging applications. With our extensive experience and broad line of gantry systems, air-bearing and mechanical-bearing linear, rotary and lift stages, linear and rotary motors, and advanced motion controllers and drives, Aerotech can deliver the ideal assembly solution for your application. Aerotech is a single source for all of your motion control needs, which saves you time, money and the headaches inherent in a multi-vendor solution.

Pick and Place Your Bets

Combining Aerotech controls with our advanced mechanics provides the repeatability and accuracy necessary during the assembly process for small parts. Aerotech develops pick-and-place gantries for many different types of assembly lines, including those for the manufacture of PCBs and micro-electronics. Our complete motion subsystems have been used in the field for decades and have proven themselves in even the most difficult assembly applications.

Highest Precision Manufacturing

Aerotech's advantages in the realm of assembly are many and varied. Our machines offer a lower component count compared to traditional systems, which increases reliability and decreases lifecycle costs due to lower spare counts, less down time and smaller maintenance windows. Aerotech motion and machine controllers include functions that make your job easier and more efficient - axis calibration, multidimensional error mapping, gantry mode and advanced diagnostics all work to ensure your application is a success from the beginning. Our advanced digital drives eliminate drift and offer superior repeatability without recalibration. All of these elements lead to the highest possible precision in your assembly application.