Drum Writing

Drum Processing Equipment

Aerotech can provide an entire motion system designed and built for your drum manufacturing needs. High load, high resolution, and precision aligned stages allow for single-micron feature sizes and sub-micron spacing on drums up to 500 kg and three meters long. Air-bearings coupled with advanced controller features provide a complete high performing motion subsystem.

Drum -writer

Roll-to-roll processing manufacturers can focus on high-end films, holograms, and diffraction patterns with this technology. The increased performance of an Aerotech solution allows customers to come to market with high-end products in otherwise commoditized spaces.

Position Synchronized Output

Aerotech’s Position Synchronized Ouput (PSO) feature allows the operator to trigger a laser directly based on the calibrated encoder feedback of the motion system in up to three dimensions simultaneously. It is fully configurable to interface with externally controlled lasers, and has several built-in operation modes including the capability to synchronize with mode-locked lasers. Specifically useful for holographic manufacturing, array-based firing allows the laser to be fired precisely at points defined in a data array such as in the illustration shown below.


PSO increases the throughput and positional quality of your laser pulses. Combined with Aerotech’s motion hardware, the PSO feature will give your holographic manufacturing system cutting-edge capabilities like no other motion system available.

Harmonic Cancellation

Harmonic cancellation is an advanced control algorithm that rejects periodic disturbances. This is a common problem for rotating drum manufacturing systems since the drum can never be perfectly balanced. The imbalanced load causes periodic disturbances that in-turn cause periodic errors. Harmonic cancellation can reduce these errors by a factor of 12 if implemented on an Aerotech controller.

Long-Term Stability

Drum writing can take a matter of hours or up to multiple weeks for each roller that is manufactured. Stability of the motion system is critical in making sure the desired features and tolerances are being achieved over days of continuous operation. Aerotech's air-bearing linear and rotary stages can achieve less than 0.001% velocity ripple and nanometers of in-position stability. This precision coupled with low expansion feedback devices produces tight toleranced features over long durations.