Hologram Mastering

Precision Motion for Hologram Manufacturing

Aerotech has the market expertise to solve the most challenging motion control applications within the holographic manufacturing industry. Whether you are manufacturing security images or packaging and brand enhancement products, Aerotech has the motion system to quickly move your laser or workpiece with the highest degree of accuracy. Workpieces ranging from miniature flat glass substrates to 500 kg drums can be precisely controlled with Aerotech motion systems. In addition, Aerotech has developed a world-class motion controller with features vital for producing the highest quality holographic masters and images.


Flat Substrates

Aerotech offers laser or part carrying motion systems that are capable of achieving accuracies down to a few hundred nanometers. Systems are available with microns to meters of travel in various configurations. Customization is available upon request.

PlanardlaAgs 15000Abl 1500_hologram

Rolled Substrates

Aerotech motion control equipment helps manufacture some of the highest precision drums in the world. Submicron feature sizes and 100 nm line spacing allow for high-technology hologram manufacturing to expand into mass production using roll-to-roll processing methods. Learn more.

Position Synchronized Output

Aerotech’s Position Synchronized Ouput (PSO) feature allows the operator to trigger a laser directly based on the calibrated encoder feedback of the motion system in up to three dimensions simultaneously. It is fully configurable to interface with externally controlled lasers, and has several built-in operation modes including the capability to synchronize with mode-locked lasers. Specifically useful for holographic manufacturing, array-based firing allows the laser to be fired precisely at points defined in a data array such as in the illustration shown below.


PSO increases the throughput and positional quality of your laser pulses. Combined with Aerotech’s motion hardware, the PSO feature will give your holographic manufacturing system cutting-edge capabilities like no other motion system available.


Autofocus is a standard feature that is available on all Aerotech controllers. It allows an external input, which is typically an analog displacement sensor, to command the position of an axis. This is useful for keeping constant distances between the laser head and the substrate for hologram manufacturing processes. A video demonstration of this control feature can be found below.


Couple the Autofocus control loop with a Z axis from Aerotech to increase the quality of your hologram by making sure the laser is always in focus.

Three -axis -with -granite -base -and -bridge