Inkjet Printing

Precision Motion for Inkjet Manufacturing

Aerotech solutions can be scaled from R&D to mass industrial use. Whether print media or functional components are being produced via inkjet technologies, Aerotech has the answers to solve difficult motion problems. Packaging, display, decorative, and functional inkjet applications require precision motion to keep up with the increasing DPI resolution and placement tolerance requirements. Aerotech offers everything from components to complete motion subsystems to achieve the required product specifications.


Industrial Actuators

Slotless linear motors enable excellent velocity stability and cog-free motion. Linear motors and actuators can be arranged for short and long travel systems, and can achieve high velocities and accelerations. Linear encoders and integrated cable management allow Aerotech actuators to be drop-in components for a machine builder's print engine. Single-digit micron-level accuracies eliminate visual defects in the end product.


Precision Ball-Screw Stages

Ball-screw-driven step axes offer a cost effective method of moving the part or printhead in advance of the next scan. Sub-micron minimal incremental motion is available for demanding vertical applications.

Pro 115sl -sle

Customization of actuators and stages is available. Contact your local Sales and Applications Engineer for specific inquiries on customizations.

Controls for Motion Systems

Aerotech is a vertically integrated motion control company ready to take on as much effort as your inkjet print-engine requires. Motion controllers and drive electronics are available and compatible with Aerotech and third-party mechanics. A popular choice for inkjet, the Ensemble controller, is an Ethernet-based, stand-alone, multi-axis controller capable of complicated motion profiles and communicating with other equipment over field buses.

Whatever your inkjet motion requirements are, Aerotech has the ideal solution for you.