Thin Film

Precision Motion for Thin-Film Manipulation and Manufacturing

Aerotech has extensive application knowledge to solve the challenging motion control issues found in thin-film manipulation and manufacturing. Our motion solutions achieve consistent nanometer-level accuracies and step sizes that are required features in ultra-thin-film manipulation and manufacturing systems.

Achieve Tight Geometric Tolerances

Geometric errors must be minimized to meet the tolerance budgets in the final film product. Aerotech has developed mechanical products with excellent geometric properties in order to minimize straightness and flatness errors throughout the mechanical travel of an axis.

PlanardlAbl 1500

Roll-to-Roll Processingroll to roll

Aerotech designs and assembles complete motion systems used to manufacture master parts for final drum and film products. Mechanical and air-bearing solutions are available to handle drums up to three meters long and 500 kg.