Via Drilling

As demand for smaller and more capable electronic devices continues to grow, Aerotech -agv -hpo _763x 279feature density requirements for PCBs become more aggressive. Virtually all new microprocessors incorporate various 3D chip and die stacking technologies, and in order for these stacked dies to interact with one another, they need to be conductively connected. Vias drilled through the PCB layers address this requirement on an extremely small scale.

PCB via drilling requires incredibly high precision while maintaining very aggressive throughput requirements. With these considerations in mind, Aerotech has produced numerous motion solutions optimized for PCB via drilling applications. For precision laser drilling with or without a galvo scanner, Aerotech has motion system solutions to meet your performance objectives.

Infinite Field of View Galvo ScannersNmark AGV-20HPO

Aerotech's AGV galvo scanner can achieve micron-level work-point accuracy at blistering processing speeds for your laser cutting, marking, and via drilling applications. Combined with Aerotech’s Infinite Field of View feature, XY stages, and CADFusion software package, Aerotech�s AGV galvo scanner can process large areas in seconds. Our Infinite Field of View feature, included with our A3200 controller, allows our AGV to seamlessly process an area limited only by the travels of the stages in the system. Coupled with CADFusion, which allows you to automatically convert vector-based drawing files into motion commands that can be entered directly into our A3200 controller, Aerotech offers the most feature-rich and complete motion subsystem available for laser processing.



Aerotech’s CADFusion application has proven extremely valuable to many of our customers doing via drilling processes. CADFusion allows you to easily take the drawing files for your PCBs and convert them into motion data for our AGV galvanometers and stages, which greatly reduces the programming time required to set up a motion system for via drilling. After programming your process with CADFusion, an Aerotech motion subsystem allows you to process with extreme precision and aggressive throughput.




Example results demonstrate the capabilities of Aerotech’s AGV powered by our A3200 controller, processing multiple thousands of 75 micron holes per minute with achievable sub-micron 2D following error.

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