Ophthalmic Implants

Intraocular Lenses

Manufacturing to Match your Creativity

However you can envision your ophthalmic implant, Aerotech can provide a custom motion system to manufacture your device in an accurate and repeatable fashion. Aerotech has solutions for the manufacture of corneal implants such as a keratoprosthesis or an intracorneal ring segment. We also have solutions for implants for glaucoma surgery, such as glaucoma valve manufacturing and glaucoma stent manufacturing. Perhaps you are texturing the surface of some biomaterials for an orbital implant – Aerotech has solutions for you as well!

Aerotech’s motion control mechanics, electronics, and drives are used in many applications that process biomaterials. The flexibility offered by working with Aerotech provides a competitive advantage in the ophthalmic industry.

Your Application is Custom – So is Our Business Model

Working with Aerotech means that you will have direct contact with a Field Sales Engineer AND a degreed Applications Engineer. Aerotech has made the investment to staff their sales organization with multiple degreed engineers whose services are free of charge to you, the customer.

Aerotech works as a team on your ophthalmic implant manufacturing application until you have a motion control system that is ideal for your process. Don’t be worried about your intellectual property! You remain the sole owner of your process – Aerotech simply consults with you on execution so that you can properly handle, maneuver, and process your company’s ophthalmic invention!

We will not walk away until you are 100% satisfied. We are committed to advancing our customers' applications and helping them succeed. We want to be essential to your success!

Aerotech Strives for Excellence in Ophthalmic Implants

Process Development Made Simple
Aerotech’s CADFusion software allows you to convert design files such as .DXF, .DWG, and .BMP files directly into motion commands. Also, our controllers offer a conversational code, meaning commands are simple to understand and implement as the syntax is rooted in the English language.

Aerotech also offers motion system SAAS (Setup-As-A-Service). We make sure your motion system is 100% assembled, tuned, and ready to go when it hits your door.

A working system and a simple development environment help your creativity come alive!

Motion Control for Manufacturing
At the heart of Aerotech’s capabilities are our multi-axis controllers such as the Automation 3200 software-based machine controller (A3200) and the Ensemble multi-axis controller families. Our highest level solution, the A3200, manages real process issues such as keeping your process tool normal to the working surface, kinematic transformations for processing, and synchronizing laser pulses to real position.

In addition to a large list of standard controller capabilities, Aerotech has many advanced controller capabilities. Our software is flexible so you don’t need to make sacrifices.

Aerotech supplies a very large variety of mechanical solutions such as direct-drive nanopositioning stages and piezo nanopositioning solutions. We provide a robust selection of linear, rotary, and lift stages and custom industry solutions as well, which offer micron-level accuracy and repeatability.

Discuss your application in detail with one of our experts. Call us at +1-412-963-7470 or email us at sales@aerotech.com

Precision Applications
Microns translate to diopters. Precision matters in your world. You can envision a process so accurate and repeatable that you will be able to tailor your ophthalmic implant products ways never before achieved in your industry.

Why settle for lower precision manufacturing methods? How can you differentiate your products without striving for manufacturing excellence and precision?

Let Aerotech be your partner in development. Call us at +1-412-963-7470 or email us at sales@aerotech.com.

We Have a Solution For You

Aerotech can handle 100% of the automation requirements for your process. Multiple price points for different levels of equipment mean that we can handle your precision and non-precision processes.

Aerotech also integrates with vision systems and other inspection equipment. We are truly your one-stop-shop.