Solutions for In Vitro Diagnostics

Precise Motion = Your Process Perfected

Life happens at the nanometer level

In vitro diagnostics, DNA sequencing, and drug discovery require motion accuracy at tens of nanometers. Molecular-scale processes must be capable of travels of 10s of millimeters to access multiple sites within a single sample or sample array.

Aerotech’s nanopositioning stages have nanometer-level step sizes and range from 25 to 160 millimeters of travel. This makes Aerotech stages ideally suited for in vitro diagnostics, DNA sequencing, and drug discovery.

For even greater levels of precision, Aerotech has a fully developed series of piezo-driven nanopositioners as well.


Motion Controls You Can Count On

Aerotech's precision motion is the industry standard

Next generation well plates and sample arrays have pitch spacing at micron levels or smaller. Your tests cannot tolerate even the smallest deviations in position while scanning. Missed readings or faulty data acquisition leads to the wrong results.

Aerotech’s ABL1000 air-bearing stages and ANT nanopositioning family offer sub-micron flatness to maintain focus over full travel, excellent velocity stability to improve imaging quality, and picometer-level resolution for precise positioning at sub-micron probe densities.

Acquire and Visualize Your Data

The world’s most powerful automation controller at your fingertips

The Aerotech Automation 3200 motion controller provides advanced data acquisition and plotting features to enable easy visualization of any data set, as well as dedicated libraries for MATLAB®, LabVIEW®, and .Net integration and development.

Featured Solutions for In Vitro Diagnostic Applications