Solutions for Stent and Tubular Devices Processing

Aerotech has been perfecting tubular laser processing for decades, and our equipment continues to produce thousands of cutting-edge products around the world every month.

Next-Gen of Vascular Devices Making the next generation of vascular devices isn't easy

You need a manufacturing system that is purpose-built for tubular processing to achieve your quality, throughput, and precision metrics

Option 1: Choose from the industry-leading tubular processing platforms
Vasculathe   Laser Turn 2 5   Laser Turn 1
VascuLathe® - The utmost in optimized dynamic performance and throughput.   LaserTurn2/5® - Integrated designs dedicated to cylindrical laser processing. Choose a system that’s been designed around your process.   LaserTurn1® - Small, nimble, specialized. The perfect partner for small diameter, high-dynamic applications.

Option 2: Pick from the highest quality components on the market for your custom machine.
ASR1300   ACS   Pro Series
ASR1300 - The highest dynamic collet-rotary stage available.   ACS - Versatile collet- or chuck-based direct-drive rotary.   PRO Stage Family - World renowned performance and industrial reliability.

Option 3: Contact our custom system design experts and leverage our expertise.


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