Assembly and Packaging

Aerotech can help you automate processes including component placement and assembly, part loading and unloading, machine vision, and machine safety among others. Aerotech supplies industrial solutions primed for scaling your precision production processes to meet your market’s demand.

Graphics With Blue Box -01 Overhead Processing, Built-In Flexibility

Scalable gantry systems offer access to the entire optical package and component locations. Ideal for component pick and place, vision systems, and process tool integration. For more information refer to our Cartesian Robot Brochure.

Graphics With Blue Box -02 Extended Travel, No Problem

Higher load, extended-travel positioning axes are the perfect compliment to support the miniature and short travel high-precision manipulators needed for fast optical alignments.

Graphics With Blue Box -03 Customize Your Platform

Aerotech supplies custom assemblies based on your process needs and specifications. Work with our in-house systems engineering team to design a station that is tailored to your optical device.

Graphics With Blue Box -04 Industrial Controls, Purpose Built

Aerotech’s industrial controller platform comes with low-noise, built-in connectivity drive hardware, and a software machine control with Application Programming Interfaces. Learn more about our A3200 motion and machine controller.

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