Optics Manufacturing

Get the most precision out of your optics grinding or polishing process. Aerotech offers rotary tables, linear slides, and CNC controls geared toward high-precision industrial optics manufacturing processes.

Error Motions
  Prepare for
Any Environment
  Get More Out
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Don't let tool tip or work point positioning-influenced error motions hold your machine back   Grinding in a viscous slurry? Polishing in high vacuum? Precision is still possible once the right measures are taken.   Looking for a CNC rich controls platform to program coordinated G-code part paths? Look no further.


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Use our stage selector to find positioning stages, rotary tables, and linear slides that incorporate either precision mechanical bearings or high-precision air bearings. Don’t see what you need here? Custom multi-axis assemblies are offered through Aerotech’s systems engineering group.

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Operate in a contaminated or controlled environment? Aerotech offers solutions for sealing air-bearings, IP66 rotary tables, and vacuum prepared systems. Custom designs can be implemented and designed for OEMs looking to differentiate their machines from the rest of their market.

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Our stages, slides, and rotary tables, or 3rd-party stages, can be paired with our CNC controller and drives for the ultimate in positioning performance.

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