Material Extrusion

Material extrusion techniques, such as Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM), allow manufacturers to create intricate parts using thermoplastic materials. Since Aerotech’s stages can perform moves with high dynamic accuracies, the additive manufacturing industry’s limiting factor of throughput can be mitigated.

High-Throughput Compact Gantry

  • Powerful, noncontact linear motors enable high accelerations for rapid direction reversals of complex contours, increasing throughput.
  • Nanometer resolutions allow micron-level dynamic tolerances for dispensing over complex contours and submicron repeatability for consistent deposition between layers.
  • Multi-axis contoured motion generated by Aerotech’s CAD/CAM programs can be executed directly on Aerotech motion controllers to minimize programming time.
AGS1000 Gantry


Exceptional Performance Linear Stages

  • Direct-drive linear motors for ultra-precise motion and high-throughput.
  • Low cost, high performance for numerous applications ranging from 100 mm to 1500 mm travel.
  • Z and rotary axes can be effortlessly integrated and packaged using creative cable management systems.