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Aerotech is well versed in the packaging of everything from microelectronics to pop cans and everything in between. If you’re looking to get more out of automated packaging machinery, we’re the team to partner with.

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  • Highest throughput to precision ratios of any motion supplier
  • Cost efficient designs deliver customer value
  • Industry-leading dynamic control tools maximize throughput
  • Custom designed subsystems and systems for your process needs
  • Unique products and capabilities combine for unmatched performance
  • Experienced application engineers will get the most out of your equipment
  • Knowledgeable system design teams
  • Application programming support
  • Global technical support and service


Overhead Motion Experts Overhead Motion Experts

Aerotech's industrial overhead mechatronic solutions are available in models from low-cost, modular, linear actuators assembled in a gantry configuration, to sophisticated purpose built subsystems with the largest travel, highest speed and highest acceleration available. Aerotech’s mechatronics are perfect for maximizing the output of all your packaging and assembly line processes.

One Powerful Controller for All Motion One Powerful Controller for All Motion

Each packaging process requires different controller capabilities to accomplish the task with high-throughput. Aerotech’s industry-leading control platform has the most powerful and versatile set of features on the market to help you get your product to market in cost efficient fashion.

Artboard 1 Copy From Components to Custom Engineered Solutions

Let Aerotech’s expert system design teams develop an optimized mechatronic solution specifically for your process needs.


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