Science and Research Institutions

Key Industry Expertise

  • Research Positioning Systems
  • Beamline Positioning Systems
  • Beamline Control Systems
  • Ultra-High Vacuum Systems
  • MATLAB and LabVIEW Integration
  • Data Collection
Atom -and -DNA Fundamental Science

Aerotech Makes Conducting Research and Analyzing Data Easy

Micro- and nano-scale research is made possible by Aerotech’s high precision motion control systems. Aerotech can help supply a breadth of solutions from component-level to instrument sub-systems for cutting-edge research results.

Syncrotron And Light Source Synchrotron & Light Source

Don’t Limit Your Positioning Resolution as Beam Sizes Get Smaller

Sample and optics positioning, coordinated beamline motion control, and ultra-high vacuum systems designed and manufactured to increase the measurement resolution and throughput of your beamline experiments.