Maskless Lithography and Direct Write

Want to build a more flexible Maskless Lithography, Direct Write, or Laser Direct Imaging (LDI) system? We help our customers solve both part motion and laser spot positioning challenges by giving them access to powerful system parameters within our controller. We help you handle the coordination between the light source/laser and motion system. This allows you to focus on the nuances of your process while simultaneously improving it.

A3200-and -Domain -Pulsing Integration of Controls and Process Tool Triggering

Aerotech has long been a leader in low-latency accurate triggering of external process tools. We have hardware and software specific features to trigger a process device such as a laser at nanosecond latencies based on true calibrated work-point position. We call this feature Position Synchronized Output. It can be deployed with respect to real coordinate axes or even transformed axes through virtual velocity commands. This will help you:

  • Eliminate time-based errors
  • Remove heat or over-exposure affected zones
  • Utilize ultra-short pulse lasers in your process

The A3200 controller also allows you to coordinate the power of your laser with the vector speed at which your part is being processed. This allows you to change the power of the laser on-the-fly as you run through the program’s trajectory.

Stable -Systems -for -Laser -Processing Stable Systems for Laser Processing

We offer motion subassemblies that allow your wafer or PCB-based laser process to achieve new levels of accuracy and smaller feature sizes. We help you:

  • Design and deploy systems capable of processing on the nanoscale
  • Incorporate more than one laser while keeping the same error budget across the platform using engineering tools developed by Aerotech
  • Utilize feedback devices that communicate directly with our position-based laser triggering hardware
Motion -for -Electron -Beam -Lithography Motion for Electron Beam Lithography

We help put your vacuum processes in motion. Let us help solve your challenging vacuum application requirements with our decades of experience. Areas of expertise:

  • Mechanics design, magnetic shielding, cable management
  • Best practices for clean manufacturing
  • Low to ultra-high vacuum positioning systems



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