Wafer Dicing


Wafer dicing, particularly LED wafer scribing, is a process requiring ever-increasing levels of precision — specifically, excellent dynamic straightness at high velocities. As the motion requirements associated with this process become more rigorous, Aerotech continues to develop new and exciting answers to the process’s biggest challenges. With wafer dicing necessities precisely in mind, Aerotech remains at the front of the pack for motion solutions with the new PlanarDLA.

Aerotech’s PlanarDLA is specifically optimized for applications requiring high dynamic 2D motion with extremely tight performance tolerances including accuracy, dynamic straightness, and flatness. Designed to meet the requirements of wafer dicing applications, the PlanarDLA can achieve speeds as high as 2 m/s and accelerations as high as 2 g, all while maintaining excellent electronic_maufacturing_aperature_plotdynamic straightness performance to make a smaller street width possible during dicing. The PlanarDLA’s aperture allows for two-sided processing, a common requirement for stealth dicing applications. If only one-sided processing is required, Aerotech also offers the PlanarDL XY linear motor-based stage, a similar design but without the large aperture.

PlanarDLA Design Features

  • Low-profile linear motor stage with large aperture
  • High dynamics: Up to 2 m/s and 2 g

    PlanarDLA XY, Direct-Drive, Mechanical-Bearing Stage

  • Excellent geometric performance (straightness: ±0.5 µm, flatness ±1.25 µm)
  • Clean, integrated cable management
  • Configurable to meet the needs of your specific application

Regardless of the application, the PlanarDLA is designed to meet a variety of processing needs with an array of configurable options. The PlanarDLA is the highest performing standard open-frame XY stage on the Electronic_Manufacturing_PSO_Plotmarket.

Combined with the advanced features such as Position Synchronized Output and cross-axis calibration included in Aerotech’s A3200 controller, the PlanarDLA will maximize the throughput and efficiency of your wafer dicing process.

Position Synchronized Output

Aerotech’s Position Synchronized Ouput (PSO) feature allows your system to trigger a camera, data acquisition, laser firing, or any other process-related equipment based directly on the calibrated encoder feedback of the motion system. It is fully configurable to interface with lasers controlled externally, and has several built-in operation modes including the capability to synchronize with mode-locked lasers.  Specifically useful for wafer-dicing, the fixed-distance firing mode allows the A3200 controller to eliminate undesired fluctuations in the width between pulses when motion equipment is accelerating during coordinated motion and cornering, as illustrated here:


PSO will help increase the throughput and quality of your laser process while also minimizing the heat-affected zone. Combined with Aerotech’s motion hardware, the PSO feature will give your wafer dicing system cutting-edge capabilities like no other motion system available.

Cross-Axis Calibration

Aerotech’s cross-axis calibration capabilities allow you to push the limits of dynamic straightness performance. This calibration allows the perpendicular motion stage to make minor adjustments during either axes’ motion to effectively counteract straightness errors on the fly. For applications requiring high dynamic straightness performance, features like cross-axis calibration are invaluable.

Featured Solutions for Wafer Dicing