Wafer Inspection and Metrology

Align your inspection and metrology processes with the industry’s reducing node sizes and higher throughput requirements by utilizing our motion control technology. Our engineering teams will work with you to select, design, and deploy a solution geared toward your process requirements. Here are some of our areas of expertise:

  • Thin Film Measurement
  • Optical Wafer Inspection (Defect Inspection, Metrology, Defect Review, Critical Dimension)
  • Electron/Ion Beam Inspection
  • Microscopy (Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM), Atomic Force Microscopy (AFM))
  • Reticle/Mask Inspection
A3200 The Quick Fix – Better Controls

Even if your positioning mechanics are not ideal the A3200 motion controller and advanced drive hardware can improve the motion capabilities of your system. Our controller works well with not only Aerotech mechanics but also third-party equipment provided by another supplier. For a fast and reliable way to improve your process try our control system technology.

Wafer Stages Serial Stacked Options Wafer Stages – Serial Stacked Options
  • Your process requirements will enable us to guide you toward a stage assembly that works. We can help you:
    • Tighten error budgets & tolerances
    • Improve machine throughput
    • Increase payload capacity
    • Position with nanometer-level stability and incremental motion
  • Add rotation and lift stages for more automated degrees of freedom and compensation
Wafer Stages Low Profile Option Wafer Stages – Low-Profile Options
  • Your machine may require compact motion control. We can help you:
    • Fit mechanics into a fixed volume
    • Reduce work-point errors by lowering stage height
    • Process from below the wafer by using open-frame aperture designs
  • Position with excellent geometric performance. Including improved straightness and flatness of motion.
  • Add rotation and lift stages for more automated degrees of freedom and compensation
Integrated Wafer Stages And Metrology Integrated Wafer Stages & Metrology

Aerotech offers technologies suited for the most advanced wafer processing systems. To remove the majority of motion induced wafer plane positioning errors we deploy planar air-bearing motion systems coupled with direct laser interferometry.

  • Air bearings provide the best geometrical performance
  • Laser interferometry removes errors attributed to the offset between the motion plane and the wafer plane
    • The feedback signals from the lasers are fed directly into our controller allowing us to position accurately and repeatably
Focus Better Optical Focus Modules Focus Better – Optical Focus Modules

Inspection processes rarely hinge on the wafer stage alone. We help our customers improve their focusing modules as well. We offer the following:

  • Improved stability, incremental step size capabilities, and step and settle motion
  • Various technologies and form factors to meet your optics payload and process requirement
  • Sub-nanometer positioning for the thinnest of imaging layers
  • Fast direct-drive technologies when every millisecond of throughput savings matters
Advanced Manufacturing Capabilites Advanced Manufacturing Capabilities
  • Let us supply you with clean, reliable motion control equipment
  • We utilize large cleanroom facilities for stage assembly and metrology
    • Clean down to ISO 14644-1 CLASS 6
    • Cell Specific to ISO CLASS 5
    • Dedicated product transfer and bagging areas
  • This is also an ideal environment for the assembly and testing of demanding vacuum positioning equipment


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