Magnetic Field Management

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thermalmanagementCertain vacuum applications require very low magnitude magnetic fields as well as minimal field fluctuation at the system work point. Existence of either of these conditions can cause process related problems. Aerotech addresses these “AC” and “DC” field issues through use of specialized shielding techniques, special magnet track design and use of nonmagnetic materials. In addition, the mechanical system is designed to keep the motor coils and magnets well away from process work points.


Handling is critical in maintaining the integrity of a vacuum stage system. Vacuum systems are assembled in Aerotech’s expansive cleanroom by precision assemblers wearing polyethylene, powder free gloves. All parts are thoroughly cleaned to remove oils and other contaminants. Following cleaning, components are packaged in heat-sealed nylon or particle-free polyethylene bags. Where required, component-level bake-out is available. For more information regarding Aerotech's Vacuum Advantage, please contact a member of our knowledgeable sales staff.