System-Level Competencies

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Extensive Motor Options

Aerotech’s complete line of vacuum stages incorporate drive technologies that span piezos, rotary stepper, rotary servo, linear, and curvilinear motors. Our direct-drive solutions extend machine dynamic performance while at the same time minimizing contamination due to their noncontact design. Special motor designs and shielding are available to attenuate stray magnetic fields in sensitive applications.

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Tuning and Troubleshooting

Aerotech controllers provide extensive diagnostics to allow tuning and troubleshooting the motion system without opening the vacuum chamber. Data acquisition includes position, velocity, current, and frequency response plots, as well as the ability to do FFT.


Feedforward Interface with Isolation Systems

Options are available to allow direct communication of motion commands between the Aerotech controller and an active isolation system. Isolation feedforward dramatically reduces stage-induced vacuum chamber motion, thereby increasing system throughput.

Feed Forward Interface

Direct Laser Interferometer Input

Aerotech motion controllers can directly accept laser encoder feedback for direct work-point positioning. As a custom manufacturer, Aerotech can interface with VME-style laser interferometer feedback systems.


Aerotech Control Solutions

A3200 DVD Case, CD, NPaq, NDrive

Ensemble family

Aerotech has two motion control platforms to choose from that provide optimum performance for your vacuum system. The Automation 3200 multi-axis machine controller is software-based (no PC slots required) and marries a robust,
high-performance motion engine with vision, PLC, robotics, and I/O in one unified programming environment. The Ensemble® motion controller is Aerotech’s multi-axis, stand-alone controller with high-speed communication through 10/100 Base T Ethernet or USB interfaces. Both control options include high-power PWM amplifier options as well as low-noise linear amplifiers. Custom control electronics are also available upon request.
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High power 6U 19” rack-mount drive chassis for Aerotech’s A3200 control platform

Aerotech Advanced Controls

Dramatically improve your vacuum system's motion performance with Aerotech’s Dynamic Controls Toolbox (DCT). The DCT provides control algorithms that increase system performance such as settle time, accuracy, in-position stability, and/or velocity stability. These include Harmonic Cancellation, Threshold, Dynamic Gain Scheduling, Command Shaping, and Cross-Axis Feedforward. Aerotech controllers also provide a direct feedforward interface to chamber active isolation systems.

Command_Shaping-NewCommand Shaping: Decrease settle time

Interative_Learning_Control-newIterative Learning Control: Optimize move time

Friction-Compensation-2-NewFriction Compensation: Reduce direction reversal errors
harmoniccancel-NewHarmonic Cancellation: Reject disturbances

Cross-Axis-Feedforward-NewCross-Axis Feedforward: Optimize move time

Directional-Gain-Scheduling-2-NewDirectional Gain Scheduling: Increase in-position stability

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