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Get your next-generation device to market faster.

Our precision motion controls let you pack on the features without the manufacturing risk.

Minimum Risk

To stay ahead of your competitors and respond to consumer demands, you need a partner who can help compress the time from idea to market with minimal risk. Our 50+ years of experience in electronics manufacturing motion control and automation takes implementation failures out of the development cycle.

Minimum Risk

Increased Throughput

Seconds count when meeting consumer demand in the electronics manufacturing industry, but your need for processing speed can’t sacrifice accuracy. We combine mechanics, controls and electronics in optimized designs to get the highest precision-to-throughput ratio possible for your electronic products.

Worldwide Support and Service

We believe long-term relationships work best for automation in electronics. Located around the world, our precision motion experts support your team from design to delivery to daily production. You’ll get the help you need – when and where you need it.


We’ll always measure up to your expectations.



Serving electronics applications



Flagship mobile devices touched by Aerotech equipment every year



Processing accuracy for electronics device manufacturing at 2 m/s speeds

Electronics Applications Expertise

Circuit Board & Electrical Subsystem Manufacturing

Display Processing

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