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Precise nanopositioning, easy integration.

Aerotech’s piezo nanopositioners offer industry-leading positioning capabilities and integrate easily with larger systems.

Piezo nanopositioners deliver superior performance in a compact design.

Our Q-Series® piezo nanopositioners offer outstanding positioning capabilities and dynamic performance – including high stiffness and resonance frequency, superb linearity and excellent in-position stability – so you can achieve higher throughput without sacrificing precision.


A small footprint makes them easy to integrate and allows for a more cost-effective machine size.

Featured Solution

Quick ship options now available through our partner Motion Plus.

We've partnered with Motion Plus, an online marketplace for precision motion equipment, to make many of our most popular products available for immediate delivery.

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Our high dynamics and ultra-precise positioning performance drive your technology forward.

One Controller

One Controller

Easily manage your piezo nanopositioner and all other axes of motion with one user-friendly controller platform.



Customize axis travels, combinations and more to suit your precise process needs.

Easy Integration with Systems

Our piezo nanopositioners integrate seamlessly with other stages, thanks to controllers that eliminate the need for special communication protocols or custom software. Work with us to combine piezos with other motion technology, and know your system will deliver optimal precision, accuracy and throughput.


Range of High-Performance Models

Aerotech’s piezo nanopositioners are designed for high-throughput processes that demand ultimate precision. From single-axis linear piezos to three-axis parallel-kinematic piezos and high-dynamic options with sub-nanometer resolution and nanometer-level linearity, we have the right fit for your application.

Selected Products

Turn your precision and automation challenges into process success

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