Aerotech Consistently Delivers Precision

When it comes to building technology at a molecular level, it pays to be meticulous. With over 48 years of experience in the fields of mechanics, magnetics, electronics, computing, digital control systems and electromechanical systems engineering, Aerotech has the engineering expertise and a track record of dependability which are essential for the development of nanotechnology products. Engineers from around the world trust Aerotech when they need nanometer and sub-arc-second accuracies.

Temperature Controlled, Advanced Metrology Lab

Take a proprietary lab, designed to ensure accuracy. Isolate that lab from the rest of the facility so the environment is free from interference and add a highly trained staff with deep technical skills. The result? Complex products, which perform exactly as expected, time after time.

Powerful, Easy-to-Use Controls and Software

Aerotech’s motion controllers allow control of up to 32 axes of piezo, servo, and stepper motor stages with no integration headaches, special communication protocols, or custom software. The A3200 and Ensemble control packages include a host of features and diagnostic capabilities like single- or multi-axis Position Synchronized Output (PSO) for real-time event triggering, and advanced control features that improve tracking error and overall process throughput.

The Ensemble QLAB stand-alone controller has high-end functionality with many advanced tools while providing an easy-to-use modern interface for 1 to 4 axes of piezo motion.

The Ensemble QDe, Ensemble QL/QLe, and Ndrive QL/QLe allow you to easily network piezo drives with servo stages and perform tightly coordinated motion with all of these axes.

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