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Aerotech Continues Capacity Expansion To Support Demand

PITTSBURGH, February 21, 2023 – Aerotech Inc., a global leader in precision motion control and automation, announced today that it is more than doubling its cleanroom space to support future growth. This cleanroom expansion, along with recent investments in new facilities and equipment, is designed to support the growing demand for high-precision motion control equipment.


“The cleanroom investment is important for supporting our customers in the semiconductor and microelectronics industries,” said Dr. Robert Novotnak, president of Aerotech. “Given our current demand and future outlook, these investments will help us to continue providing our customers with the products and services they expect from Aerotech.”


Aerotech’s cleanroom will increase to 6,500 sq. ft. (600 sq. m.) of ISO Class 6 space with cell-specific areas of ISO Class 5 space to manufacture ultra-clean automation systems. The cleanroom expansion continues a multi-year investment in facilities and operational capacity. In 2018, Aerotech expanded its operations in Pittsburgh by adding 134,500 sq. ft. (12,500 sq. m.) of manufacturing, office and engineering lab space. Investments in equipment and staff have been steady over the last few years. On December 7, 2022, Kiski Precision, an Aerotech company, announced the purchase of an additional facility that more than doubles its current floor space to 79,500 sq. ft (7,390 sq. m.). Kiski Precision offers machining and assembly services and boasts Aerotech as one of its larger customers.


“Supporting our customers with great products and services is central to our philosophy at Aerotech,” said Mark Botos, CEO of Aerotech. “We are excited to continue executing our strategy and look forward to partnering with our customers to achieve joint success.”


About Aerotech

Aerotech Inc. is the global industry leader in precision motion control and automation. From standard positioning technologies, control systems and light manipulation to custom-designed automation systems, our products support research and industrial organizations worldwide. Aerotech solutions enable manufacturing, testing and inspection processes on a micrometer and nanometer scale for the world’s best-known technology companies in industries such as semiconductors, consumer electronics and medical devices.


Media Contact:

Amy McGrath


[email protected]


Aerotech Headquarters

Epsilon Pittsburgh facility

A view inside Aerotech’s current cleanroom showing engineers working on a next-generation motion system to support the semiconductor industry.

Construction images of the new cleanroom expansion project.

Construction images of the new cleanroom expansion project.

A view of the nearly completed cleanroom expansion project.